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About us

Education Transformation

Welcome to Elite INT Education Centre. It’s a place where your child’s academic gifting and talents are nurtured in a caring and joyful environment with a focus on character development.

We offer proven Academic Tuition Programme, Enrichment and professional Educational Assessments at reasonable fees. Our academic programme, enrichment and educational programmes are specially designed by our well-qualified team of NIE-trained School Teachers, Educational Consultants and Graduates from NUS and NTU!

Our Mission & Vision

Inspiring students to achieve potential and personal goals through activities that are developmentally appropriate, individually paced, and personalised to each student’s academic performance and interest.

Our Values

Extending values beyond the classroom by making sure skills and concepts taught are relevant and useful.
We strive to deliver top-notch services with our customised materials specific to each student’s learning needs.

Our Strategy

We offer a conducive environment in which students can successfully learn core academic content, develop their special talents through our enrichment programme.

Ms Low has been teaching my son Math and Chinese for 5 years. She is warm and lively. Her teaching is fun and interesting. My son enjoys her lessons very much and they get along well. I’m very pleased with my son’s results. Ms Low is a very committed and helpful tutor whom I would definitely recommend to other parents.

Ms Linda

Mother of Caleb

Many thanks to Ms Low for her dedication, passion and encouragement to my Son Matthew. You have been such an encourager and motivator to my Son since p3 to p6. You bring joy and creativity to make study fun and exciting, tuition is no longer a boring process but a time of learning. Thank you once again for helping my Son Matthew to score well in PSLE

Ms Tay MH

Matthew's Mother

Teacher Valerie has been teaching my girl since Jan 19 for English and Chinese. My girl enjoyed the lessons and looked forward to it every week. Her lessons always filled with anticipation and enjoyable.

Ms Peggy

Mother of Chloe

Teacher Valerie is a passionate and dedicated teacher to my P2 and P4 sons. My kids enjoyed their lessons and looked forward to it every week. Her lesson always filled with joys and happiness and excitement. The learning journey became so encouraging and motivating. I am very impressed by her way to move my kids towards study hard and smart.

Ms Candice Phang

Mother of Javier and Jarald

Teacher Valerie coaches Jaydon & Janessa on Mother Tongue. Their impression of Teacher Valerie is that she's a patient & understanding. Teacher Valerie makes her every lesson lively and interesting for the children. Commitment, Cheerfulness & Sincerity are positive attributes I can find in Teacher Valerie. I'm happy that Teacher Valerie can be a part of my children's learning journey.

Ms Emily

Mother of Jaydon & Janessa